We’ll field questions about how to order thesis paper help online

We’re ThesisMeister.com, a writing service with hundreds of qualified writers at your disposal. We help students do what they feel they can’t, and we are not interested in prying as per the reason why. We get a lot of questions, so we decided to write this article to explain a few things that prospective clients may want to know.

Can I order thesis statement copy from scratch?

When we hear from clients, many are concerned that the paper they buy won’t be truly unique. With us, your dissertation will be 100% original. We make a point to guarantee this. We have a custom process that allows us to tailor our service according to your project goals. In fact, you should only order thesis online assistance if you can be sure that the final product will be free of plagiarism. We throw in a free plagiarism scan to prove our claims.

Will the theses be mine?

Potential clients also contact us with concerns that word will get out that they hired a company in the first place. We all know that academia frowns on outside help. That’s why we guarantee confidentiality. We promise that the final product you buy from us will be legally yours. Why else would you order dissertations online if not to use them in your name? We will keep your personal information private, and no one will ever know you used our service.

Who will be writing my paper?

This is a question all students must ask of a provider. You order thesis proposal content to be written first, then researched, and then produced. Naturally, you want to know who by. We can tell you who in the case of ThesisMeister.com:

  • Native English speakers: We know there are good non-native writers, but we don’t want clients to worry about miscommunication or simple mistakes, and for this reason we make this requisite.
  • Writers with proven capabilities: Writing is key, obviously. So we screen applicants to ensure that they can write, and write well. You want to order thesis paper content that’s written, not drawn, right?
  • Academic-minded persons with aptitude for critical thinking: Writing is all well and good, but it’s useless if the writer can’t think up a good argument and structure it intriguingly.
  • Tactful people who know how to communicate: Our people work directly with you, so they have to have that quality that we call charisma.

Can I afford to hire a thesis writer?

Yes. We have discounts on our website that make our service cheap. Don’t misconstrue that word, though; we provide excellent value. So come order thesis online assistance from us and you’ll see that we were honestly the best choice.


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Thank you for your commitment and hard work! I tried to prepare myself for writing a dissertation but when I actually started the research it turned out to be too overwhelming. Your service is worth every penny I've paid. Thank you!




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I could not have done it better that you - the thesis you've written is just perfect. I was under impression that I would need to revise it after you but there is was just nothing to amend. Beautiful work. Highly recommend this company!

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